Happy National Puppy Day!

Today marks National Puppy Day, so I thought I should introduce everyone to the pugs of this blog!

doggie lines

To the left we have Mack, also known as Mack the Adventure Pug. He has a pretty good following over on Instagram, and spends most weekends adventuring with my husband, Nate. He hikes mountains better than I ever could, and is a big fan of camping. At home he’s neurotic and anxious but chills right out when he gets outside. Will answer to Mack, but is most often called Bug.

In the middle is Cubert, who looks perpetually grumpy. He’s one half of what we affectionately refer to as “the B’s”, made up of himself and his litter-mate, Eska (to the far right). Cubert and Eska are attached at the hip, and get upset when separated. They don’t get to go adventuring because they have bad hips, so they spend plenty of time cuddled up with me while I read. Cubert enjoys eating mulch and sticks, and Eska is happiest chewing on her stash of Nylabones.

My husband and I don’t plan on having children, so the dogs are our babies! They’re a handful, but we adore them. I highly recommend getting a pug if you’re looking for a pet. They’re good with kids, good in apartments, and great cuddlers. They love people, all other dogs, and are very trainable once you get through their stubbornness.

Happy National Puppy Day to all of my fellow dog-lovers out there! What kind of pets do you have? Tell me in the comments!

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