#TBT-Unforgettable Bookish Memories Tag

unforgettable bookish memories.png

I found this tag when Kristin Kraves Books posted about it, and I love falling down the bookish memory hole, so let’s go!

No. 1: The first book you ever read (or was read to you)

the jolly postman

This was my very favorite book when I was a kid. I loved taking the little letters out of their envelopes, reading the postcards, checking out the flyers.


Come on, this stuff was awesome. I used to read this book over and over again, and I taught myself to read with it.

No. 2: The first book you ever bought with your own money


I don’t specifically remember what book I first bought myself, but I’m pretty certain it was one of these bad boys. The YA genre was pretty small when I was growing up, so I had a ton of these. I still have I Do, it’s the only one from this series that I kept as an adult.

No. 3: A book you stayed up all night reading

19 minutes

Back before school shootings happened nearly ever other day, Nineteen Minutes was big. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating, infuriating, and entirely too compelling. I stayed up way too late to find out how it ended.

No. 4: What book or series will you never forget

twilight saga

I’m loath to mention the Twilight Saga twice in one week, but since the question isn’t about my favorite series, I do have to go with Twilight again for one I’ll never forget. They got me into the new YA scene, and I really did enjoy them back then.

No. 5: A book you frequently think about

on the island

This was the first self-published book I ever read, and first New Adult. I’ve still never read anything else like On the Island.

No. 6: A scene that has haunted you for years after reading it

the never list.jpg

The car ride at the beginning of The Never List that sets everything in motion…whoooo boy that still haunts me.

No. 7: An unforgettable character

beezus and ramona.jpg

Good God I loved the Ramona books. Ramona was a totally compelling and unforgettable character, though I did always identify more with her practical older sister.

No. 8: A book that changed your opinion about something

throne of glass

I always thought fantasy was not for me, but then I gave this a try and found that I could not be more wrong. It’s one of the best genres out there, and I read it all the time now.

No. 9: Share another random bookish memory


My mom and I used to make homemade trail mix and read books like Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Pippi Longstocking. She died when I was 11, and this is one of my favorite memories of us!


Okay guys, I’m tagging all of you to do this one because it was really fun!

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