WWW Wednesday-July 18, 2018


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words where we answer the following questions:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you read last?
3. What will you read next?

I’m back from visiting my sister and love of my life nephews (Hi, Ellie and Dexter and Waylen oh god why are you so far away), and I miss them so much already I could die. My sister and I sob hysterically as though we’ll never see each other again every time we say goodbye and her almost-3-year-old is getting old enough to wonder if we might be crazy. So now, back to blogging to distract myself!

º Currently reading: A Spark of Light, by Jodi Picoult. I look forward to Jodi’s new book every year, and this one is fantastic. She always takes a topic that I already have a firm view on, something you are never going to shake me from, and…she still makes me see the other side. She gets me in their head. Even if I don’t come out agreeing with them, I get where they’re coming from, I understand how they got there. This one is about abortion, and as a DIE HARD I’M WITH HER YOU CAN’T GRAB ANYONE THERE liberal, it’s a real mind fuck to be thinking “hmm, while I still disagree completely, this pro-lifer here does make a good point.”

º Recently read: Still about halfway through Never Fade because Liam has indeed come back to break my heart and not remember Ruby but also sort of remember Ruby and it’s hurting his brain and making me ouchy and I hate this part.

I also finished The Last Best Story by Maggie Lehrman. It was…not my favorite. I didn’t get the big attraction to the main guy character. I thought he was kind of a dick with no redeeming qualities? And the main girl character was kind of an idiot? And they both were kind of assholes the whole time? I’ve been having mixed feelings about putting negatives reviews and bad energy out into the world, so we’ll see if I actually review this one or not. On the one hand, I did finish it, which means it wasn’t that bad because you know how quickly I DNF. On the other, I finished but don’t have very many nice things to say about it. We’ll see.

As anticipated, I also read MANY MANY MANY shark and dinosaur books last week. Dexter is currently very interested in factual books, rather than story books, so we kind of just make up different stories each time.

º Reading next: WHY DO YOU ALWAYS ASK ME THIS I DON’T KNOW I NEVER KNOW it could literally be anything.

So how is everybody? I tried to keep up with reading everyone’s blogs last week but it was tough! What did I miss? Tell me everything!

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday-July 18, 2018

  1. mahmarino says:

    The book from Jodi Picoult sounds so interesting… I only read that book she wrote with her daughter, Between the Lines, and I loved it. I’ll definetely look into this one!

    I loved the idea for this post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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