A Camping Trip Update-Pls Send Help

Well, you guys, despite all of your great advice from my last post about this camping trip, I have not managed to break any bones or acquire chicken pox. So the trip is still on. And guys, packages have started arriving at the house…

The husband claims there was a sale at REI, which I believe about as much as when I tell him there was a “sale” at the bookstore. But since I don’t want him to question me the next time I come home with bags full promising they were all 5 for the price of 1, I can’t say anything. Moving on.

camp chair.JPG

First up, we have a loveseat camp chair, which, in case you’re wondering, has a very high rating on the REI website. It’s actually pretty comfortable, and the dogs have made it home already.

Not pictured: a single camp chair in the same fabric. The husband said there was an option for the chair in what we call “Katie Blue”, which is sort of a bright blue/teal/turquoise. But he chose the same fabric to create better “photo opportunities” at the campsite. This is the first in a series of events where I do not get products in Katie Blue.

Yesterday a box arrived with hiking boots for me??? HIKING BOOTS??? HOW MUCH HIKING AM I EXPECTED TO DO??? I feel that the dogs look appropriately concerned here.

Was also told that the boots were available in a denim blue with Katie blue accents, but not in the correct size, so the husband chose this color instead.

sleeping bag.jpeg

Arriving today is sleeping bag in “cabin wood” red. It’s fine, it’s supposed to be very warm and comfortable, and I don’t mind the color. BUT I was told there was another one in Katie Blue that the husband almost got, but didn’t, because it turned out that the red one was one sale.

I appreciate that he’s being a thrifty shopper and saving money, especially since we’re living off one paycheck and unemployment checks, but all of these Katie Blue options that did not come to fruition!!

A few other things I’ve recently heard him say:

“What am I looking at? Oh, a map of Arizona. We might go there too.”

dionne driving.gif

YOU GUYS–Arizona is like SEVENTEEN hours away from Idaho. And even if we just went to Arizona, it’s still like thirteen hours. Why drive so far to go sleep outside??

“How many books do you need to bring, 3?”

book stack.gif

That’s adorable, but when I’m not working I can usually read an entire book a day, and that’s including taking time out to do things like cook, work out, play with the dogs, write blog posts, pretend to clean the house. If I have literally nothing else to do? Who knows how many books I can get through, but if the husband thinks he is putting a limit on how many books I’m bringing, boy do I have a surprise for him.

“What do you mean, what do we do when it gets dark out? We’ll only be up for a few hours after that.”


Yes but what do we DO?? When all the light is gone, I can’t read anymore, there’s no TV to watch, who knows if there’s wifi for our phones. Do we like…talk for all these hours? Guys that’s a lot of hours every day for a week. I don’t think I have that much to say. This is probably the time when most people have some beer, but I’m not really a drinker so this doesn’t appeal to me.

So there’s the latest on the camping trip. The husband is really excited, and I am determined to enjoy myself but secretly I AM SUPER SCARED HOW WILL I DEAL WITH BEING BORED AND DIRTY ALL THE TIME??

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