Review-The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin

The Year We Fell Apart, by Emily Martin
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Series?: No
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Length: 314 pages
Source: Paperback
Format: Barnes & Noble
Times Read: Twice
Rating: thumbs-up thumbs-up thumbs-up thumbs-up thumbs-up

the year we fell apart

Few things come as naturally to Harper as epic mistakes. In the past year she was kicked off the swim team, earned a reputation as Carson High’s easiest hook-up, and officially became the black sheep of her family. But her worst mistake was destroying her relationship with her best friend, Declan.

Now, after two semesters of silence, Declan is home from boarding school for the summer. Everything about him is different—he’s taller, stronger…more handsome. Harper has changed, too, especially in the wake of her mom’s cancer diagnosis.

While Declan wants nothing to do with Harper, he’s still Declan, her Declan, and the only person she wants to talk to about what’s really going on. But he’s also the one person she’s lost the right to seek comfort from.

As their mutual friends and shared histories draw them together again, Harper and Declan must decide which parts of their past are still salvageable, and which parts they’ll have to let go of once and for all.


What I Liked: I forgot how much I adored this book until I reread it in one day earlier this month to help me get into the headspace for NaNoWriMo (ask me how that’s going! jkjkjkjk pls don’t I’m super behind).

 Harper. She is such a self-destructive wreck for most of the book, but I have so much patience for her. She is flawed, she makes a ton of mistakes, most of them more than once. Most of them more than twice. She’s earned an undeserved reputation (every reputation that a girl earns is undeserved, fight me) but doesn’t bother trying to change anyone’s mind. She is exhausting, and sorry, not sorry–I’m here for it.

jlo shrug

♥ Declan. So swoony, so sweet, such a good friend. Except when he’s being a real asshole. And let me tell you, he has his moments, especially at the end for awhile. But so SWOONY the rest of the time!

♥ Cory. Such an amazing friend. He’s there for Harper in all of her stupidity, always coming to pick her drunk ass up at a moment’s notice. He never gets in between her and Declan, even if he might want to. He manages to keep friendships with both of them going all the time, even when they aren’t talking to each other.

♥ Gwen and Mackenzie are beautiful angels and we are not worthy.

just breathe

What I Didn’t: There’s very little I didn’t like about this book, and all of it lies in girls not being made to feel like queens.

Kyle and Sadie are 100% garbage and they’re supposed to be, so good on the author. But I still hate them.

⊗ At one point, Harper talks about how she keeps making this guy wait (for sex, for oral, whatever), and how she should “just get over it.” GIRL, NO! Either he respects you and where you’re at every step of the way or he is GARBAGE!

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