I’ve Moved!

header 4Hey guys! I am alive and well after getting my appendix removed exactly two weeks ago. Recovery has been going fine, and the pugs are good company while we lounge in bed. To help pass the time, I finally took the plunge on something I’ve been wanting to do for my blog, which is migrating it over to a self-hosted platform! What does that mean exactly? Honestly, hell if I know. But you can find me here now:


If you’ve subscribed by email previously, I believe you’ll have to do it again on the new site (sorry about that!), and I’m not quite sure how it works with wordpress followers now. I’m still on wordpress, but I’m on the .com side rather than the .org (sorry, this is super boring if you’re not a blogger). I can still see all of the blogs I was following in my reader, but get the sense no one is seeing me.

Anyway, come on over and say hi!

cubeWe anxiously await your arrival 


5 thoughts on “I’ve Moved!

  1. Kristina says:

    Ahh congrats !! happy to hear the healing has been well ! 🙂

    For wordpress readers, i’m confirming I had to follow the new website on my reader – as you don’t have a follow button directly on your blog. I’d also love to hear about your move! As it’s something i’d wanna do but not sure if I should just.. use the self-host or use the business plan instead as i’m not a tech-y person at all and know nothing of the coding and such ..

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    • pagesandpugs says:

      Thank you!! And thank you for the follow confirmation! I’m also not a super techie person—I had a small company help me with setting up and merging all my old content over because I was afraid I’d lose it all if I tried! I considered upgrading to business instead as well, and that probably would have been much easier.

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      • pagesandpugs says:

        That’s what I was after! Self-hosting has a lot of hidden costs too. You have to buy your domain name, your hosting platform, and then switch over to WordPress.com. THEN you need a SSL certificate for your site, or it comes up as not secure for everyone who views it

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