Review-Adult Coloring Book because why not

SO recently I was asked if I wanted to review an adult coloring book, and I thought, you know what? I DO kind of want to review an adult coloring book. I used to be SUPER INTO these, and I have a decent stack of them. But I’m picky about the patterns I want to color. Most of my stack came from fandoms that put them out, like Buffy, and Throne of Glass, and ACOTAR (I’ve never actually colored in any of these).

ANYWAY. Viktoriya Yakubouskaya gave me a chance to try out her new adult coloring book, and I was excited to have an arts & crafts project for the blog. So this afternoon I dug out my markers and began.

Yes, I color with markers. Sharpies, to be exact, in several different sizes. I like the clean lines.


In my experience, most coloring books stick to one type of pattern, whether it be small designs or big, line patterns or flowers, or objects. This book actually mixes them all up which was a refreshing change. I prefer the smaller lines to big spaces and there were a lot of those here for me.

The first thing I always check out is if my markers are going to bleed through. The paper in this book is good quality and fairly thick, but the question remains–WILL IT GO THROUGH??












Yeah I mean it totally will. I’ve never met a coloring book that didn’t bleed through. That’s why I have my trusty “colorin’ folder”, pictured here:


I just stick it behind whatever page of whatever book I’m coloring in and it soaks up the excess.

All in all, I enjoyed this book very much and definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for some coloring. The paper is sturdy and doesn’t get fuzzy as soon as the marker touches it which is a huge plus. I didn’t try it with crayons or colored pencils, but it’s not slick at all, so I imagine they’d work well also.


It’s VERY reasonably priced on Amazon right now at only $6.95.

Where do you guys stand on adult coloring? Am I the only one still doing it, or does anyone else still enjoy it?

And one more thing, while we’re on the topic. Arts & crafts always makes me think of my sister, because I had to give up my art room when she was born (and yes, I’m still bitter. I could have been an arty genius and now we’ll NEVER KNOW). But a lot of you guys have those kid things, yes? Because my sister just started a great blog of her own, Gulf Coast Crunchy Mama. You will get to see many photos of the nephews I would throw myself in front of a bus for even though I do not want my own kids, and get ideas for how to eat organically, do science projects for a 3-year-old, and get stains out of high chair straps. If you like my blog, you’ll also see pictures of my sister (apparently we look more and more alike the older that we get), and you’ll be treated to the gifs I taught her how to use. You’ll also see that she’s probably a better writer than me which ISN’T ANNOYING AT ALL. Anyway. Go follow her. She’s awesome.

9 thoughts on “Review-Adult Coloring Book because why not

  1. lydiaschoch says:

    That colouring book looks amazing. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    And Buffy colouring books? I had no idea such a thing existed, but now I really want one.

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  2. ndu.t.yke says:

    Hey there! I just begun coloring around a month ago and currently still enjoying it. I have this one famous book (at least in my country): Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. I color by using Faber Castell the classic one.

    Liked by 1 person

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