September Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up

Hi, I’ve never done a wrap-up post before, so bear with me as I try to figure out what exactly to put in this thing! To start out, I think it’s mostly going to be the books I read.




The Best Laid Plans, Cameron Lund
Favorite book I read all month, cannot wait for this one to come out in April so you guys can read it too. Keely decides to ask her best friend Andrew to practice having sex with her so that she’ll know what she’s doing when it comes time to do it with the hot college guy she met at work.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: So far NO PIZZA.

The Lady Rogue, Jenn Bennett
If you missed it, you can catch my full review here.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: Huck drops his towel & Theo looks down 30 pages in, what a time to be alive.

The Liar’s Daughter, Megan Cooley Peterson
Why do I love cult books so much? Is it because most religion in general feels like a cult, one that I brainwashed into as a child and got out of when I left my dad and stepmom’s home and learned to think for myself? Either way, I loved this book. It was raw and difficult, but also had some really beautiful moments.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: Shit, girl, question EVERYTHING adults are trash

Tweet Cute, Emma Lord
Coming out in January, and my 2nd fave read of the month. Tweets, grilled cheese, desserts, blogs, apps, “sure Jan”, swimming, high dives, memes, and cheese-crossed lovers. Find me one thing not to love about this book.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: OMG this app is so stressful but also kinda fun?

Trust Me, Trust Me Not, Elodie Nowodazkij
One of my favorite authors recommended this one, but I didn’t love it. The premise was awesome, but listen–the whole time they’re building up to the two MCs getting together, and when they’re FINALLY about to hookup, something completely different happens instead and THEY NEVER GET BACK TO IT. I’m not one to fault a book for not having a steamy romance or any sexy scenes even though I often think they add to the story, but this is a NA romance, THIS IS WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: Conflict keeps getting resolved quickly and I’m kind of here for it?

In the Hall with the Knife – A CLUE Mystery, Diana Peterfreund
CLUE has been a part of my life since I was a child. There’s the regular game, of course, but as a kid did you know I also played Clue Jr.? Or that I used to make my mom rent the movie from the video store every weekend? Because all of those are true, so when I got the chance to read this one early I was SO EXCITED and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: Uhh WOW Mustard, you ever even seen a girl before??

Give the Dark My Love, Beth Revis
I was really into the concept here, but not totally into the execution. The writing is good, but I don’t know if I liked it enough to finish the duology.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: This book is in dual POV but I don’t totally get…why?

Rules for Vanishing, Kate Alice Marshall
I’ve been trying to write a review for this for weeks and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it because everything I want to say is so spoilery. But this is a perfect pick for Halloween, and if you liked the creepy forest vibes in The Blair Witch Project or The Forest, this is totally for you. It is beautifully atmospheric and SO SO CREEPY.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: Ohh, wait, like literal keys?

10 Blind Dates, Ashley Elston
In case you missed it, I reviewed this one earlier in the week and it was a hit for me.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: I mean I know *spoiler* is endgame, this is just so fun!

The Speed of Falling Objects, Nancy Richardson Fischer
I only sort of liked Fischer’s first YA book, but survival stories are my catnip so I had to pick this one up and I am not sorry about it. A girl named Danger with only one eye, a plane crash, a hot movie star, and a Bear Grylls-type survivalist TV star dad all added up to a 5 star read.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: YAAAS DANNY GET IT GIRL!

Our Year in Love and Parties, Karen Hattrup
4 sections of this book, each one taking place during a different party throughout 1 year and IT WAS SO COOL. Tucker and Erika will have you so happy, so mad, so swooning, so annoyed, and so totally thinking Frank is a G.
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: “Got you” is KILLING ME SOFTLY

The Library of Lost Things, Laura Taylor Namey
Of all the ways kids have to grow up too soon, I’ve never really thought about this one, being the child of a hoarder before, and it’s heartbreaking. The love interest is totally different than I expected, and the MC’s best friend is an absolute Queen. And guys, there is this one back alley fake hookup scene that just…whew…
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: So boring to have to hate on London.

I Know You Remember, Jennifer Donaldson
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: This isn’t a romance but there’s still ONLY ONE BED!!!

Every Other Weekend, Abigail Johnson
Watching Adam and Jolene become friends was a real treat, even when I realized hey wow I love their friendship so much but oh no I’m only halfway through, there’s still so much time for things to break bad. There is a LOT packed into this one, including plot points that should include trigger warnings for sexual assault, death of a sibling, predatory behavior, and parental abusive in several forms, but none of which are disclosed beforehand. This one releases in January and it’s well worth the read, but I think it’s fair to know what to expect if any of those triggers would normally prevent you from picking something up (here to talk if you have questions about any of these, including severity!)
Favorite nonsense excerpt from my notes: Jolene after finding out that *spoiler* has a girlfriend now is a Whole Mood.


So here it is, my first monthly wrap-up! What do you guys think? What else would you like to see? Are these totally boring and not even worth posting? Let me know, tell me all the things!

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