Select Annotations from Red, White & Royal Blue- Entry 2


This got a HUGE response last week, so I’m definitely going to make it a weekly post!

In honor of Thanksgiving last week, I’m going to jump ahead this time to The Great Turkey Calamity. If you’re following along in your copy, this week is gonna be from Chapter 4, and next week we’ll get back to where we were in the beginning. Got it?

So here we go, Entry 2!

-Pg 75:

-The turkey scene was one of the very last things I wrote, after being inspired by The West Wing–originally their first phone convo was about who was the ugliest Beatle. 

Pg. 75:

Cornbread and Stuffing were inspired by names of actual pardoned turkeys-Obama pardoned turkeys named Tater & Tot and Mac & Cheese. 

-Pg. 79:

“Connect with the turkey, earn the turkey’s trust…befriend the turkey…”
“Buy a summer home in Majorca with the turkey…”

This is one of my fave Henry moments–Alex really underestimates his sense of humor and Henry uses that to his advantage.

-Pg. 80:

“Not for you, Mr. Wobbles!”

I love this name.

-Pg. 81:

“I was watching Great British Bake Off.”

Henry’s favorite series is 6–he’s partial to Nadiya.

-Pg. 82:

“Bit on the nose, isn’t it?” Henry says. “A man should have some element of mystery.”

aka “I was afraid everyone would know I was gay if I named my dog Bowie.”

-Pg. 84:

Text from Alex:
yo there’s a bond marathon on and did you know your dad was a total babe?

Text from Henry HRH Prince Dickhead:

I always picture Henry’s dad as Harrison Ford.

This leads directly into Christmas, which I’ll send out in a few weeks! Join us next week when we’ll be back in Chapter 1!

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