Select Annotations From Red, White & Royal Blue- Entry 3


This week we’re back to Chapter One, and we’re picking up on page 10 if you’ve been following along!

Entry 3!

-Pg 10:

“Can you believe they spent $75,000 just on the cake?”

Will & Kate’s was rumored to be $80k. 

-Pg. 11:

“It’s trash turtles all the way down.”

One of my favorite lines

-Pg. 11:

“June’s college boyfriend, who broke up with her when he moved to California but is still the only person whose letters come to her directly.”

Evan! Boy next door, heart of gold, brainy theatre kid, June’s own first love. 

-Pg. 12:

“Alex’s kind of love story is much more Shakespearean.”

You reckless fool.

-Pg. 13:

“Do either of ya’ll know what a viscount is?”

I don’t even think I know what a viscount is. 

-Pg. 13:

“Something is wrong with both of you,” June says gently.

They would be dead without June. 

-Pg. 14:

“Henry deigns to give him a perfunctory nod, as if he’s any other random guest.”

Henry, expressing attraction.

-Pg. 15:

“He’s kind of good at this.” Nora remarks.

The gang assigning nefarious intentions to Henry while he was just trying to be polite and ask about Alex!

-Pg. 15:

“June had just turned fifteen and used part of her birthday money to buy an issue of a blindingly colorful teen magazine.”

June’s Quinceañera was FIRE; they got a ticket for noise pollution.

-Pg. 16:

“His fingernails were too stubby; they weren’t made for it like June’s, like a girl’s.”

One of my fave lines.

-Pg. 17:

“Up close, the waistcoat under his suit jacket is a lush gold and has about a million buttons on it. It’s horrible.”

Contrary to the cover, he wears a regular suit to the wedding since he’s not military. 

-Pg. 18:

“Henry has about four infuriating inches of height on him.”

HENRY: 6’0
ALEX: 5’8.5

-Pg. 18:

“Only a thought,” Henry says, tone polite. “Have you ever noticed I have never once approached you and have been exhaustively civil every time we’ve spoken? Yet here you are, seeking me out again.” He takes a sip of his champagne. “Simply an observation.”

Henry is…bad at flirting!

-Pg. 20:


-AUGUST 2013: June (17) starts UT
-SPRING 2015: Ellen announces presidential run
-AUGUST 2015: Nora (18) starts MIT
-FALL 2015: Alex (17) & Nora (18) have a fling on the campaign trail
-MAY 2016: Alex (18) graduates high school
-JULY 2016: Ellen gets nomination/Holleran joins as VP
-AUGUST 2016: Henry (19) & Alex (18) meet in Rio
-NOVEMBER 2016: Ellen is elected
-JANUARY 2017: Inauguration, Alex (18) moves to D.C. & starts Georgetown
-MAY 2017: June (21) graduates and moves to D.C.
-AUGUST 2017: Nora (20) moves to D.C. and starts junior year at GW.
-MAY 2019: Nora (22) graduates GW.
-SEPTEMBER 2019: Alex (21), (Nora 22), & June (23) attend the royal wedding

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