All My Odd Monthly Subscriptions

I love subscription boxes. Why? I don’t know really, but there is something about getting mail that just makes my day. I’ve tried so many of them over the years, so if you need a recommendation, hit me up! But now, a list of all the random monthly subscriptions I currently receive*:

*Oh! Other than book boxes! I also get Illumicrate, Fairyloot, and Owlcrate each month, but those seem not random and instead totally necessary. I can do a separate post on those if anyone is interested.

1. Ipsy


Ipsy, my OG. I don’t even remember how long I’ve been getting Ipsy bags, but it’s definitely been years. Like, 5 or 6 maybe? I could tell you for sure if I rounded up all the makeup bags and counted them, but I’m not going to.

I assume everyone knows about Ipsy already, but for the unindoctrinated: Each month Ipsy sends you 5 items in an adorable makeup bag for only 10 bucks! Wait, I guess it’s $12 now. Items range from drugstore to high-end, sample-size to full, and can include makeup, skincare, hair products, and beauty tools (I get a lot of awesome makeup brushes from them!). The makeup bags are relatively the same size each month but always have a different design, and the products are personalized to your specific preferences according to a beauty quiz that you take upon signing up and can retake as often as you want. You can also review everything you get to keep your preferences updated, which also helps earn you points to shop!

You can use my link to subscribe if you want–I don’t know that you get anything out of it, but I get some points.

Subscribe to Ipsy


2. FabFitFun


I have not been as loyal to FabFitFun. I turn my subscription on and off all the time. It only arrives quarterly so it’s not quite as exciting for me, and it’s pricier so it’s always the first thing to go when money feels tight. But it is worth it! For $50, you get WELL over $200 (usually closer to $250-300) worth of 8-10 FULL SIZE beauty, fitness, and home products. Depending on your level of subscription (quarterly or annual), you get to customize a certain amount of the items before they arrive, and if you want extras, add them on for $10!

Please do use my link to either purchase or subscribe to FabFitFun, because not only do I get credit, but YOU get $10 off!

Purchase FabFitFun

OR–I can also send 3 “starter” boxes (3-4 FULL SIZE products) where you only pay shipping, if you want to try it out first. First 3 to send a message asking (include your name and email please!) get an invite!

3. Scentbird


I love perfume, and I love trying new perfumes. But they are expensive, especially when you get one that you realize you don’t love, or that just doesn’t mix with your body chemistry very well. So finding Scentbird was a game-changer for me. Each month they’ll send you a new scent (supposedly 30 days worth? unsure as I’ve never worn the same perfume for 30 days in a row in my life) to try out. They have a huge catalogue to choose from, and you can fill your queue up over a year in advance. They have a ton of buying options, all of which are easy to upgrade and downgrade to and I can tell you that for certain because I do both all the time. You can get one scent per month starting at $14.95/month, or for as low as $13.50/month if you subscribe to a year in advance. You can also upgrade from once scent to two, or even three per month. And if you really JUST CAN’T WAIT, there’s a “buy your entire queue” option and yes I have utilized it more than once. The more that’s in it, the bigger the discount!

Use my link, and we both get a free perfume!

Try Scentbird


4. Scentbox


I am much newer to Scentbox, but it’s the same idea as Scentbird, for about the same price. Why do I subscribe to both of them? I don’t really know. I keep telling myself I’ll cancel one of them, and yet, here we are…

Again, my link gets us both a free perfume!

Try Scentbox


5. Klova


I have been a Bad Sleeper since I was a baby, and I have tried everything. But nothing has worked like these patches for me. The ingredients include Magnesium, Melatonin, Skullcap, and Valerian (all of which doctors have recommended to me, none of which have worked on their own), all squished into this foam patch that you slap onto yourself an hour before bed so your body can absorb all of these ingredients all night to not only help to fall asleep but help you stay asleep. MAGIC!

I’ve been using them for years and have never felt hungover or groggy the next day. They’re definitely not addictive–if I forget them some nights I can still sleep. Things aren’t worse if I stop using them, they just go back to my regular, as-programmed sleep.

If you’re interested in trying Klova, my referral link will earn us both $10 off regular prices of $30/month!

Subscribe to Klova


6. MeUndies


I don’t remember where I first heard about MeUndies or what made me decide to first try them, but since 2017 I have gotten a new pair every month and long story short now this is the only underwear I have anymore. There are a bunch of different cuts for both women and men and they are SO soft and SO comfortable. They also sell socks, bralettes, and even onesies!

If none of the choices that month are speaking to me I’ll get a solid color pair, but I almost always find something I want in the prints! This month I got giraffes, but previous pairs have included unicorns, sharks, dinosaurs, glow-in-the-dark spiderwebs, and one very 90’s looking one called “A.C. Slater”

You’ll earn me a little money but more importantly you’ll get you 20% off your first pair by using this link!

Try MeUndies


7. Twice Toothpaste


Twice. My random, bougie toothpaste that I saw on Instagram once and fell in love (it is not actually bougie, it is like $11 and I only get deliveries every other month). They don’t include the things you don’t need–sugar, alcohol, sulfates, and a bunch of other stuff. They’re teeth-whitening, cavity preventing, good for sensitive teeth, enamel strengthening, and travel-friendly! My personal favorite is the different flavors for morning and night. Early Bird is wintergreen & peppermint flavored, and Twilight is peppermint with vanilla & lavender and I love them both.

There’s no referral link to this one, but there is a page on their website where you can get two mini tubes for only $5!

Try Twice for $5!

SO these are all the rando boxes I get in the mail most months, and I would LOVE to hear what you guys get! Some of them are ridiculous–do I need perfume every month, let alone from two different places? Do I need new underwear every month?

What are you guys getting that I need, and do you want to hear about all of the clothing and food boxes I’ve tried over the years?

How are y’all doing stuck at home? I’ve been posting less and less despite having more and more time. Every week I think it will be different, but…I dunno. It’s been hard. Hope you guys are hanging in…stay safe in there.


3 thoughts on “All My Odd Monthly Subscriptions

  1. Kristina says:

    Ohh few boxes here that I didn’t knew about. MeUndies shares their publicity on my fb and im quite tempted by now xd

    Omg. Klova exist?! I’m an insomniac too- and although id take TWO melatonin caplet, okay it’d make me fall asleep better than without.. but I ALWAYS randomly wake up always through the night?? Which I don’t normally?? (It says clearly on the bottle it helps you STAY asleep too 🤦🏽‍♀️) — so I might check this one out and see !


    • pagesandpugs says:

      I am definitely a fan of MeUndies, and you don’t have to subscribe to them! You can purchase anything one-of, and the link above should still get you 20% off!

      I HIGHLY recommend Klova! They very recently released their first new products in years, a sleep gummy and a hemp oil tincture. I haven’t tried the tincture, but on nights I forget about my patch and put it on too close to bedtime I’ll eat two of the gummies and they help me fall asleep quick! The patch really helps me stay asleep though–I used to lay awake for hours and hours in the middle of the night.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kristina says:

        Wow, that sounds impressive!
        The only time that I awaken and stay awake for a while in the middle of the night is if I go to sleep early 🤦🏽‍♀️ I dont bother trying before 9/10pm cause I know imma wake up at like 1-3am and can’t sleep anymore… which kinda suck, especially if you gotta wake early!


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