Top Ten Tuesday-Books I Loved but Will Never Re-Read

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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s topic: Books I Loved but Will Never Re-Read

1. The Unlikelies, by Carrie Firestone: I LIVED for Carrie’s first book, The Loose Ends List, so I could not wait for this one. It ended up being…just okay for me. It played out a little unrealistically and lacked direction, and the characters were all just alright. No one jumped out and stayed with me the way they did in Carrie’s debut. As with her first book, though, the cover is to die for, especially in person and even with the paper cover off, and for that alone I loved it.

2. Done Dirt Cheap, by Sarah Nicole Lemon: This was a case of not living up to the hype for me. I had read nothing but glowing reviews and was compared to Sons of Anarchy which is a favorite show of mine. I LIKED it, but since I expected to LOVE it, it lost something for me. It wasn’t as wonderful as I hoped. High points, though, for girls getting shit done and not hating on each other. And I’m very much looking forward to her next book, Valley Girls, coming out in May.

3. Windfall, by Jennifer E. Smith: It’s become an unfortunate trend, for me–I super look forward to all of Jennifer’s books, read them as soon as they come out, and end up liking them, but…wouldn’t read them again. They aren’t favorites. The story lines are compelling, the characters are relatable, but they’re not re-reads for me.

4. It’s Not Me, It’s You & The Date to Save, by Stephanie Kate Strohm: It’s Not Me, It’s You, was delightful, in large part due to the oral history formatting of the story. I also loved seeing so many POVs, the characters were super cute, the writing was really funny, and the romance was great. The Date to Save was not as big of a win for me. Less funny, less compelling characters, and a less interesting story. I much preferred seeing Avery harass all her old boyfriends to find out what went wrong in their relationship.

5. The Problem with Forever, by Jennifer L. Armentrout: AKA the problem is that this book is too long and too cheesy for me. I read the whole thing and even semi-liked the romance, but I won’t read it again.

6. Uprooted, by Naomi Novik: Another case of the hype not matching up for me. Incredibly positive ratings and gushing reviews, but I just didn’t love it. It was nothing new in terms of fantasy, and the characters didn’t make up for it.

7. Second Chance Summer, by Morgan Matson: I ADORE Morgan Matson, but this book lives on this list because it’s TOO SAD! It’s also not my favorite of her romances, it’s very long, and I don’t like the name Henry, but mostly TOO SAD! My mom died when I was young and that definitely affects my reading of these type of books, but this is a grief novel I just can’t do again.

8. 738 Days, by Stacey Kade: The premise was absolute perfection, but…meh. It fell the way that much of NA does for me–too predictable.

9. What Happens Next, by Colleen Clayton: This book is honestly fantastic, but it wasn’t a favorite and those are usually the only ones I reread.

10. Speechless, by Hannah Harrington: Again, a really great book. Not a favorite so it doesn’t make the reread list, but I enjoyed my time with it. Bonus–the paperback cover is gorgeous, all pearlescent white and textured.

What have you loved but know you won’t reread again?


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