Happy Thanksgiving Tag

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Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll! My bloggy BFF Bookish Geek finally found us a Thanksgiving tag, so we have something to post for you guys today! This day is pretty low-key for me, my best friend comes in from L.A. and we cook here for the two of us plus the husband, unless he’s working. The single most important tradition that we have is watching all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes while we’re cooking.

friends thanksgiving

What about you guys? Are you super busy today, or keeping it relaxed? Either way, I’m glad you’re here! If you want to play along, feel free to jump in and grab the questions!

  1. Name a book that made you thankful you live in your world and not the book’s world.
    the hunger games.jpgI would have died of an anxiety attack year one of the games, worrying about my name being pulled. If I somehow survived and never got chosen, I would still have a heart attack worrying about my friends, and after we’d all aged out, I’d continue the consistent panic worrying about my sister and then nephews, so there would never be any peace and honestly how does anyone make it through this place.
  2. Give thanks to a book that changed your perspective.
    small great thingsThis one didn’t change my perspective so much as it did really make me think about race in this country and especially how we treat anyone who isn’t white. Even how those of us who consider ourselves allies can sometimes be doing a disservice by the things we say that we think are helpful.
  3. What character would you be thankful for if they were your significant other?
    unbecomingSome people do not have book boyfriends. I have always had *many* book boyfriends. But number one has always, and will always, be Noah Shaw.
  4. What character would you say “thanks, but no thanks?”
    uprootedTBH I don’t really know what this question means, so I’m going with the Dragon from Uprooted. I liked neither the book nor the character very much, and I would definitely say no thanks to him.
  5. Name a book that made you laugh out loud, just like your drunk Uncle Earl at Thanksgiving?
    i regret nothingJen Lancaster and I may not agree politically on all fronts, but she makes me laugh Every. Single. Time.
  6. Name a book that made you incredibly angry…just like your drunk Uncle Earl at Thanksgiving.
    the chaos of standing still.jpgI know there are plenty of other books out there that have made me rage-y, but I mainly forget about them after unless someone else brings it up again. This is the only one I ever remember on my own because of all the mental health slang the author used as a way to put somebody down.
  7. Finally, name one thing you are thankful for about Blogging!
    I’m thankful for all of the friends I’ve made, and for how welcoming the bookish community is!

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