Blogmas Day 1

blogmas day 1.png


Okay you guys, I’m going to try doing Blogmas this year!! I mean, we all know that I start these projects with grand ambitions and then tend to lose interest after a day or two so WILL I MAKE IT??? We shall see, but I’m hopeful.

The idea of Blogmas is to post either everyday leading up to Christmas, or all 31 days of December. I’m going for for 25 in the interest of being realistic with myself. The plan is to go ahead with my regular content–Top Ten Tuesdays, Reviews, WWW Wednesdays, tags, etc. But I’ve also got some holiday themed posts planned, including, possibly, some holiday movie reviews? What do you guys think?

If you have any ideas, or there’s anything you’d like to see this month, I’m all ears!

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